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Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton Are True Craftsmen – New video series reveals ‘The Art of The Craft’ behind the memories

Good Morning Hoteliers (107): Eine ganz neue Meßgröße für die Hotellerie wird wichtig - Zeit - Hören Sie meine neueste Kolumne bei HOTELIER TV & RADIO:

(Chevy Chase/Maryland, USA – September 07, 2012) The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has pulled back the curtains to their highly coveted luxury service organization, and placed the spotlight on their ladies and gentlemen in a video series entitled ‘The Art of The Craft‘.

Chef de Cuisine in Germany


“At The Ritz-Carlton, we specialize in creating memories for our guests at every touch point of their experience. From concierge services, to housekeeping, to our sommeliers and shoe shine valets, there is a significant amount of dedicated craftsmanship and care that goes into making memories for the discerning world traveler” stated Herve Humler, President and Chief Operations Officer, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. ‘The Art of The Craft’ centers on how significantly the craftsmanship of true professionals can impact your experience with our brand, and just what goes into being a lady or gentleman of The Ritz-Carlton.”

Sommelier in California wine country


In the new digital video series, the camera’s focus is on a particular lady or gentlemen representing a specific profession within the organization. In the first four videos released from a series of ten, we meet a sommelier in California wine country, a culinary master, a housekeeper at the highest hotel in the world and a shoe-shiner in Istanbul. They share details of the role they play within The Ritz-Carlton and the opportunity they have to make a difference to a guest’s experience, beyond the expected.

Housekeeper in Hong Kong


One year ago, The Ritz-Carlton introduced an entirely new communications approach with the launch of ‘Let Us Stay With You’. Through the use of artwork, messaging, and digital experience platforms, guests are requested to allow The Ritz-Carlton to be much more than just a hotel; indeed to be that indelible memory that lasts a lifetime. The brand platform delivers the message in an intriguing fashion, drawing explicitly on a guests’ power of memory, by creating serendipitous moments that recall the beautiful facilities, one-of-a-kind on-site experiences, and services provided by their ladies and gentlemen.

Shoe Shine Valet in Istanbul


‘Let Us Stay With You’ declared the company’s clear point of view by defining those rare and special things that characterize true luxury. In a continuation of their story, “The Art of The Craft” showcases how those memories are made at The Ritz-Carlton.

“With the rapid evolution of the digital space, we have the opportunity to provide a peak behind the scenes to see what goes into a Ritz-Carlton experience by using the sophisticated format of digital video” said Chris Gabaldon, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, The Ritz-Carlton. “It allows us to tell our story elegantly and with relevant content, there by deepening the relationship we have with consumers who know the brand, and potentially creating new relationships with people who would like to know more about us.”